Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's been a Nice couple weeks

For the past couple weeks I've been on vacation, seeing Paris, Nice, Italy, and now Switzerland. In all that excitement I've not found the time to put up a new post. But, here we go; I'll try and catch the world up on my adventures the way a middle-aged father would tell his distant relatives about what the families been up to for the past couple years. Slideshow !

Bam, Nice.
Start you off here with a beautiful panoramic view of the Nice bay. This is really a land of paradise. Sunny weather complements gorgeous mountains backing up to gorgeous surf. Brilliant. I was here for about a week and got in some really solid riding. Finally filling the hunger for climbing I've forsaken for so long in Strasbourg.

Peace and bikes, yo
Looking hip and hipstamatic here. So Europro.

I can tour myself, thank you very much.

 There was a sign at the Hostel I stayed at (Villa Saint-Expury, I highly recommend it) advertising trips to three different countries all near Nice. Not sure why they think it takes three different days though, I managed to hit all of them on one killer ride. I set out for about four hours one morning and followed the coastline through Monaco and straight on into Italy.

The Italian border was essentially non-existent. The Eurozone is a huge boon for cycling.
It was a fantastic ride with beautiful blue skies, at first. About halfway through though things started to turn gray and I decided to stop in an Italian restaurant for lunch. Because, hey, I'm on vacation.

Would you like some cheese with that wine?
I know I'm from Portland, but when presented with the decision between Italian dining and riding in the rain, I choose the prior. I had a great meal and managed to drag it out long enough that the storm passed right over me. Then I was able to spin back to Nice with two more hours of beautiful weather.

Nice waterfall. I road my bike up this. J/k.

This is just a bus stop map. But the title of the map is special.
You know that bike that one American company makes? The Madone? It's named after this region. I know, pretty cool, right?

Mid-ride mandatory Instigram. #whereiride

I drank Absinthe in France one time. That was pretty cool. Not sure how it relates to cycling though.

Here's a hip photo of me in Paris. I didn't have my bike with my there, but I just want to show you how cool I am. Did you know I'd been to Paris ? Pretty wicked. Wicked pretty.

Got the new team kit this week too! Pretty sick, I'm psyched about the design. Flahute racing, Trailhead Coffee Roasters, represent ! That said, it's not very pro how I'm blocking the sponsor's name with my hands in this photo.

A sneak preview of what's to come...
So that's what I've been up too. Right now, I'm writing this post from a hotel in Switzerland. That's the view from my room. I'm doing a badass guided cycling tour here with my Dad. Super tight. Sit tight for more about that in the next few days. But until then, keep pedaling.

Kyle McCall

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