Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Born to Ride

Let's be honest, bike racing is a sport that requires a lot of stuff. The only sport that could warrant more gear is triathlon, where you are required to having running stuff and swimming stuff, in addition to biking stuff. But, I bet most cyclists have more bikes than triathletes, so we probably still got the most stuff. It can be a pain in the ass, and a little overwhelming. Sometimes I get damn tired of all the stuff, especially when it starts to have problems. When I get a flat tire, I want to just leave the damn thing there and go for a run. But that wouldn't work, and not just because cycling cleats make really shitty running shoes. I've ran before, I ran cross country for a season, and it just isn't as fulfilling. There is something magical about riding a bike. About being able to traverse 100km or more in a day, and then  being able to get up and do it all again. It feels a little like cheating. And a little like flying.

There is another reason running and I don't get along. Every time I try to take up running seriously, it seems like I get injured. That season of cross country I ran was cut short by a bad case of shin splints. I have pretty flat feet or whatever, and maybe I'm just not born to run. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, because I actually love running when it doesn't hurt. But all too often it does. Riding a bike can certainly hurt, but it's the good pain of getting stronger. Not the bad pain of fracturing your tibia. And that's what all that stuff is so good for. It's like the ultimate in motion control footwear. Every impact is cushioned through tires and a frame, and the human body works magically more efficiently astride this steed. It's a perfect cyborg symbiosis of man and machine. Face it: we were born to ride.

The trusty steed atop an Alsacian Vineyard.

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