Saturday, March 23, 2013

Images of Spring

Today's blog post is all about pictures I've taken over the last couple weeks when things have started to get a little springy. Today it was gray and raining again. Hopefully by putting these out here God will see my preference for the sun, and change the weather accordingly.

Isn't this nice?

Just some chopped wood, because, you know, nature?

More nature.

Pretty water

I think a wizard lives here

I'm not that into fishing, but who doesn't like just standing around in the sun?

This is a line of jager bombs. I didn't see this on a bike ride.

In Alsace, these are mountains.

Damn, canal-tastic.

A little something for the pavĂ© enthusiast 

I think I just want to take pictures whenever the sky is blue. Just to remind myself that it happens sometimes.

Cockpit shot.
Onward and upward!
Until next time.
Kyle McCall

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