Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Many of my regular readers may be lamenting the lapse in posts over the past couple weeks, but I can assure you I am back now and feeling refreshed. I had a great break and was delighted to travel about some of Europe. I manged to visit London, Berlin, and Amsterdam, three beautiful cities and it was truly an awesome break. Now that I'm back in Strasbourg I've been pleasantly surprised to find that Spring has sprung!

Springtime on the Canals

Spring means many things. It means the leaves are coming back to the trees and flowers are blooming. Love will be surely sprouting up as well. It also means spring cleaning and spring classics.
That's right, bike racing is starting to rev up with Paris-Nice practically in my bike yard not to mention Roubaix and Amstel Gold. It's good to live in Europe. I've been cleaning my act up as well as I enter the period titled "build" on my six month training plan. That means harder intervals, threshold work, and real sprints. Yum! To commemorate the coming of the news season and beautiful weather it was time to really clean the bike and reshave the legs. I've been wearing tights since the end of 'cross season, but I can feel the guns craving some vitamin D in the beau temps.

Cleaning my bike in the bathroom

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